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Chiropractic In A Nutshell


Your body was designed to be healthy, and has an inherent ability to heal itself from within, and keep itself healthy if nothing interferes with its vital functions.

The nervous system (composed of the brain and nerves) is the master controlling system, coordinating the function of every cell, muscle, organ and system, each and every moment.

Any interference in the spine can disturb nerve function, compromising the brain's communication and control, adversely affecting function throughout the body. Dysfunction leads to ill health.

Spinal dysfunction is called "sub-luxation," and causes disturbance in the spinal nerves, affecting other body systems and their functions. Removing spinal stress and nerve disturbance restores function - restoring health! Your brain, spine, nerves and all body functions are vitally linked.

Chiropractors use spinal corrections (adjustments), exercise, therapies, dietary advice, and nutritional supplements to help people of all ages end their pain, and restore vitality, energy and immune resistance, avoiding drugs and surgery!

How can chiropractic doctors help headaches, asthma, arthritis, allergies, menstrual pains, cardiac problems (far more than just back pain)? Because we know the key to good health isn't treating symptoms, it's restoring perfect function! Now you know.


  • Natural
  • Effective
  • Affordable
  • Safe

Call now to see what Acts Chiropractic Center can do for you! 253.535.6677

"You never know how far reaching something we may think, say or do today will effect the lives of millions tomorrow."
- B. J. Palmer, DC, PhC

"Everyone is super nice. The doctor is open and up front with you.

I used to have lower- and mid-back pain and also shoulder pain. Pain so bad sometimes, sitting for any time and standing would be unbearable. Sleeping through the night was a thing of the past.

Since I've been coming here, my mid- and lower-back pain has stopped, shoulders are pain free. My carpal tunnel has gone away. I sleep good now. Life is good. My whole outlook on things has changed. My moods are happier. I'm always in a good mood. I have more energy. Everything is great. Life is so much better pain free. My boyfriend says I'm a whole new person since I've been coming here."

- LuAnn B.

"Since coming to Acts Chiropractic Center] I am feeling more vital, younger, and physical as well. My personal life has greatly improved. I am in a much better mood [and] I can function much better than I did before. I recommend Chiropractic to everyone!

[I stuffed from] lower back pain, stomach pain, headaches, neck pain, [and a] ringing in the ears. [Acts has been] very friendly, warm, and clean. [The] doctor is very friendly and knows what he is doing. [He's] always free to answer my question [and] my appointments are always on time. My pain has greatly improved since I am seeing my doctor. My back pain is gone; headaches have improved very much; I am feeling very well due to chiropractic. It works!"

- Bettina H.

"ACTS Chiropractic Center has a lot to offer with each visit." [They have a] clean, comfortable office, friendly staff, a knowledgeable, caring doctor, [and] flexible appointment times.

[After my accident, I suffered from] pain in my neck and lower back [as well as a] pinched nerve in my left leg. Chiropractic succeeded where 'conventional' methods failed. I am back close to 100%. In fact, I'm feeling better than before the accident! I'm feeling better emotionally, I'm eating better, and I'm taking better care of myself.

[Even] my family, friends, and coworkers have commented on my overall improvement."

- David M.

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