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Brain and Nerve System

The brain and nerve system is the master controlling system in the body. It controls and regulates every function in all the cells, organs and other systems in the body, moment by moment. Nerves allow the brain to communicate with every part of the body. The signals traveling down the spinal cord from the brain, and up from the body to the brain, pass through the openings in the spine, between each vertebra (the bones in the spine). Any compression or irritation of the nerves as they leave the spine can cause the nerves to be disturbed, which then interferes with the communication between the brain and whatever tissues are supplied by those nerves. It sounds complicated but it simply means that whenever you back is not working properly (it may be tight, stiff or injured), some amount of control is lost and the brain's messages don't get through as well. This results in dysfunction in some region or multiple regions of the body, decreasing your ability to be healthy and express your fullest potential. Chiropractors refer to this scenario as a spinal "subluxation." Correction of this problem allows your body to be able to regulate itself more fully again, and increases its ability to self heal.

Health and Lifestyle

At Acts Chiropractic Center we analyze all aspects of your health and lifestyle, but concentrate on your spine and nerves because they are vital to the proper functioning of every other system. We perform thorough examinations using orthopedic and neurologic tests, but also evaluate your health by finding out how well your spine and nerve system are working. This is done by testing range of motion (for mobility), x-rays (to examine hidden structures), computerized nerve and muscle tests (painless surface DTGs) as well as testing sensation, muscle strength and cranial nerves (nerves inside your head, like the optic nerves). We try to find how we can best help you, so we can effectively work together to regain and maintain your health. Make an appointment to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Salmi to discuss your condition. He has been serving and helping people in the communities of Parkland, Parkland, and Spanaway since 1997.

"Look well to the spine for the cause of disease."
- Hippocrates

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